Investment Model Portfolios for Adviser Firms

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Working With You

Our aim is to help you to find the right balance between providing quality investments for your clients at a competitive cost and freeing up your time to focus on providing financial advice. We will have no direct relationship with your clients, but our Investment Model Portfolios do come with a range of client-friendly supporting materials to help you to keep them informed.

To help you be certain that our Investment Model Portfolios are the right solution for you, we begin with a meeting between you and us. Here, you will get an opportunity to talk to us, ask any questions, and find out more about how we build our Investment Model Portfolios. We will provide monthly Factsheets on the Investment Model Portfolios as well as our quarterly Market Review & Outlook, and our friendly team are always here to assist with using our portfolios, if you need it.

Our client-facing materials include:

  • A Guide to Investment Management for Clients
  • Details of the GDIM Investment Committee
  • An Investment Glossary
  • A Guide to Investment Model Portfolios
  • Regular Market Review & Updates, including print, video and podcast formats

If you would like to arrange a meeting, or find out more, please contact us now.